What is Hashmail and how can help your web3 Business

Any community, project, or organization must have effective communication to succeed. Web3 has, however, historically had issues with poor communication channels. In order to communicate, many communities and projects are compelled to use Discord, Telegram, or Twitter. However, these platforms are not intended for targeted, one-on-one, or small group communication, and it can be challenging to confirm the sender’s identity.

This lack of communication can significantly impact the user experience within the web3 ecosystem. For example, if you want to connect with another user or connect your wallet to a dapp, there is no way to directly communicate with their public address or receive important information, such as transaction notifications or updates.

While web2 has effectively addressed these issues, web3 has yet to do so due to a lack of a comprehensive solution.

hashmail what is how can help mail3

How Hashmail works

Hashmail is a unified web3 mailbox for all of your wallet addresses. With hashmail, any web3 application, protocol, or user can send and receive emails to wallet addresses and decentralized identities such as ENS, lens handles, and unstoppable domains. These documents are intended to help applications integrate hashmail, allowing you to programmatically trigger important communication emails directly to your users’ wallet addresses.

With #hashmail, you can now exchange messages with other wallet addresses or ENS names in a trusted, private, and secure manner. You can send and receive messages on #hashmail using the following: walletaddress@hashmail.dev (such as 0xcd901debfa742ea8665812e9d4e7e4c1b133d97f@hashmail.dev), ENS@hashmail.dev (such as nick.eth@hashmail.dev), Lenshandle@hashmail.dev (such as nick.lens@hashmail.dev), or by simply typing the wallet address or ENS if sending to another #hashmail user.

Keep an eye out for notifications from your favorite dapps, like transaction updates, alerts, and reminders, delivered straight to your inbox. You can also tweet to your favorite dapps to send updates via #hashmail. If you want to say hello to a friend, simply compose a new message. If you’re enjoying your experience with #hashmail, invite your friends to try it out (invite rewards are coming soon).

Core features of Hashmail

How does hashmail help solve the communication problem in web3?

With hashmail, dApps can send emails directly to users’ wallet addresses or any linked decentralized identity. This enables dApps to trigger a variety of important emails to their users. Some potential use cases are highlighted below:

hashmail what is how can help mail3

You can communicate with users through hashmail even if they aren’t actively using your app. Messages sent to wallet addresses will be securely saved in their inbox so they can read them later. Additionally, even if users have not signed up for hashmail, you can embed the hashmail in-app widget to show them messages right on your dApp. Additionally, you can keep users interested long after they have left your application by communicating with their wallets to alert them to critical updates via our mobile app. Even if they are not currently using your app, you can use hashmail to contact wallet addresses who might be potential users of your dApp.

Partnership between Hashmail and Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains, a supplier of decentralized identities and domain names for the web3 ecosystem, and Hashmail are pleased to announce their partnership. This collaboration makes it simpler for Hashmail users to communicate with friends and coworkers by enabling them to send and receive emails using their unstoppable domain linked to their wallet address.

Instead of sharing long wallet addresses, users can simply send emails to a friend’s .nft, .crypto, or one of the other six domains offered by Unstoppable Domains. In addition, users can also receive emails directly to their unstoppable domains at <unstoppable-domain>@hashmail.dev. To make it even easier, Hashmail has also added the option to «Login with Unstoppable,» providing a seamless method of authentication by simply verifying ownership of the UD domain.

Swapnika, Co-Founder and CEO at hashmail, said – “there is a big user experience problem in the crypto ecosystem today. Wallet addresses are complicated 40+ character strings, it’s difficult to share them, and there is no way to communicate with them. With Unstoppable Domains, you can resolve these wallet addresses to a simple memorable domain. And hashmail provides you with an inbox for your domain, so that you can send and receive emails simply with this domain”

Nilkanth Iyer, Head of Asia Pacific at Unstoppable Domains said – “We’re thrilled to partner with hashmail and to make it easier for people to log in seamlessly, and get a mailbox for their domain. With web3 domains, people own their identity data. Now, they can use their domain to exchange emails using the hashmail inbox in a web3 native way, with no need to share their web2 email again.”

Partnership between Hashmail and Superdao

Hashmail and Superdao are excited to announce a special NFT collection in collaboration for all hashmail users. You can mint your free NFT and receive rewards. The hashmail Trailblazer NFT will give you hashmail storage of up to 500 MB and a special «hashmail OG» role in Discord. Additionally, 20 randomly chosen NFT holders will receive a 10 USDC reward.