At Ibara where are able to create personalized AI projects for the eCommerce World to improve your content generation process.


AI Basic content Creation

Our expert team had developed the most AI content creation powerful tool for digital platforms. We only need a basic information of your products and our AI will create the content that you want, with the quality that you want, in a cheaper and faster way.

Our AI is constantly trained by Marketplace Content Experts & SEO Content Experts to create the information adapted at 100% to your needs.

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If ERP is the primary layer where you have your ecommerce product data, you will notice that when you want adapt or integrate the information to other channels, your product data is not adapted to today’s requirements.

Ibara will develop for you an AI Multichannel Integration to convert the few fields of information that are in your ERP in perfect content base on Google & Bing SEO Requirements, Amazon Product Optimization Requirements and to all other marketplaces or channels where you or your partners sell your products.

To have products well optimized when you sell in multiple platforms, increase your sales over 200% in average.

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Web Integration Content

AI Intranet Integration Content

As multinational brand one of the keys for your success is provide perfect and detail content in multilanguages to your digital partners, retailers, whoresales and marketplaces. But the multinational brands content manager intranet do not have the content adapted at the same time for all your partners sales-channels.

When you don’t provide the perfect content for each platform you are leaving free will the content published on different online platforms, websites, marketplaces, to be adapted as your partner wants or is able to. This generates a great damage to your brand, causing a bad user experience in multiple channels.

Ibara solves this problem. Thanks to our AI you will be able to generate the perfect content adapted to each country, marketplace and digital platform you need, harmonizing the presence of your brand all over the internet. Always highlighting what you consider most appropriate and most powerful.

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Marketplaces have a big content creation problem. Thousands and thousands of sellers sale in their marketplaces and upload the product content as they can, even if a marketplace have strong guidelines to do it. But haddle and harmonizing so many amount of sellers and information is not very easy.

The ideal scenario for a marketplace is that all the product content for a specific category or subcategory follows firmly its guidelines. And now with Ibara’s AI Marketplace Content Integration is possible.

We will develop our AI to add the information to your product page as you wish. If you want all the titles in someway, we will do it. If you want to test A/B to increase conversion rate focus the product description on benefits, or in an human-marketing narrative, we will do it.

We also can advise you what type of content generate more engagement with the clients in each category to update the content.

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AI Marketplace Integration Content

AI Content Testing

Testing and measuring is the key for the success. Ibara is the only-one AI tool that can be integrated to you website and run multiples A/B Content Testing in your product pages to help you to have a better conversion rates or to communicate better something.

Is Halloween time, do you need to adapt all your product titles or description with a Halloween touch? Or is Blackfriday coming and you want to communicate different discounts or offers?

With Ibara is possible.

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Marketplaces and website have a lot of user information. Lets suppose that you have a subscriber in your data base, and Sandra get into a “eye contour” product page an see this title:

“Sandra – This eye contour is perfect for you. Add it to the car now and 10% off”

Convertion rate jump off.

At Ibara, we are able to adapt all content of your website to your user data-base information to create the best user-experience possible.

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AI User – Content Adaptation